Associate Degree Nursing Graduates

ADN Graduate STCC 2000 Interview, August 25, 2010

I graduated from Springfield Technical Community College in the year 2000. Why I went to nursing school? I was a CNA for fifteen or so years and I just felt if I didn't go to nursing school I was going to blow up! I must have been pushed by the Almighty or something because all of a sudden I decided I needed to go to nursing school and I needed to go now! I chose STCC because selfishly because it's closer to me than Hartford. I used to live in Springfield so I knew my way around where I don't know anything about Hartford. And through the some... I can't remember the name of it. New England Regional something school, if I lived closer to an out-of-state school than the closest in-state school for the same major, I can get a reduced rate. So I did not have to pay out of school rates to go to an out of state school. It is not the same as instate rates, but it's real, real close. And the difference between the two is "jinormous". If it's like $50 a credit for in-state students, it was $75 a credit for me, as opposed to $250. It's that big of a difference so it was pretty much a no brainer. And I also heard from a lot of people that STCC had a good program. Read More

ADN, 1972 Interview May, 27, 2010

I started my nursing career at the Joseph Lawrence School of Nursing in New London, Connecticut. It was a diploma school. I stayed here until the second year of my nursing career as a student. Because of family circumstances I moved back home. The school was located in New London, CT and I lived in Holyoke at the time. I moved back home and didn't know what I was going to do at that point. I knew I wanted to be a registered nurse and so I had enough education at that point to take the boards for LPN. So that's what I did. I went and got licensed as a licensed practical nurse. And I went to work at the Holyoke Hospital where I floated. And it was an experience floating. I loved the experience. It gave me a view of every portion of that hospital; every aspect of nursing. My uncle was a professor at Springfield Technical Community College at that time and he was the one that talked me into applying at Springfield Tech, So I was part of the first class at STCC. And that's where i graduated in 1972. The entire time I was going to school I continued working at the Holyoke Hospital, so right after I graduated I just continued working at the Holyoke Hospital. Read More

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