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Diploma Graduate 1960 Interviewed January 21, 2010

I chose nursing, not that I wanted to this all my life -- at some point in high school I realized I needed to pick a profession and I started to get interested into possibly joining the navy as a navy nurse as a way to travel and I chose Springfield Hospital School of Nursing because there were a few graduates from my town to attended and speaking with them they spoke very highly of their education and the availability of positions for them when they graduated and it was almost like you'll never be out of a job. And I did enjoy going to Baystate Medical Center formally Springfield Hospital; met a lot of wonderful friends that I still keep in touch with and the instructors were just awesome. Very excellent people and I believe when we did our rotations to different areas like the Institute of Living, I felt that there was always a lot of respect for the Springfield Hospital students/. We were always chose first to be in charge of the different units.

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