Nursing Career Opportunities

2018 - Quote from 2006 Baccalaureate Nurse Graduate

“Another aspect in the nursing program too around pediatrics was the maternity rotation. We were working at (local) Hospital and I had an opportunity to witness a birth. Now, here I was, a 25 year old male who had no children of my own at the time, and I’m in a unit as a nurse and I’m asking a family if it’s okay if I watch them deliver their baby. And they were absolutely totally on board with that. They said absolutely. So here you have a stranger who is watching the prospective of childbirth with a family I don’t even know, and I’m crying with them because the most amazing thing that’s happening right before my eyes…that’s a component of the nursing program that you just… I don’t think people can conceptualize going in, how vast and how comprehensive it can be; how rewarding it can be, but how many different populations you have the opportunity to impact.

I think that’s the biggest thing that I learned in school was that where ever you want to go, you’ll be more than embraced, whether you’re a male or female nurse, and it just awards you so many rewarding opportunities… I don’t know of any other career on the planet that you get so many different rewarding experiences from one particular degree. It’s amazing to me.”

Quote from a 2006 graduate Baccalaureate Nurse